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I am going to see Kate Bush in September 2014 and I can’t wait. I’ve been a lifelong fan ever since the first time I heard Wuthering Heights.

One of my favourite tracks by Kate is Susended In Gaffa . I could bore you numb by listing all of my favourites but I won’t ;).

So, enjoy. Roll on September.


Singing, Dancing, Drama, Fun, Laughter .. musicals have it all!

Don’t know about you, but I love a musical.

I don’t mind whether it’s at the theatre or a movie version. When I was creating my list, I started to wonder what consititutes a musical. Apparently, the definition is:

A play or movie in which singing and dancing play an essential part.

Now that’s cleared up here we go with my top 20 – not in any order of preference as that would make my head fall off if I tried to rank them as well. You may think differently of course, I couldn’t possibly comment. Feel free to post yours or disagree ;).

  1. Fiddler on the Roof – best bit
  2. West Side Story
  3. Oliver
  4. Sound of Music
  5. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
  6. Hairspray
  7. Cabaret
  8. Singin’ in the Rain
  9. My Fair Lady
  10. Grease
  11. The Producers
  12. Annie Get Your Gun
  13. Chorus Line
  14. Phantom of the Opera
  15. Bugsy Malone
  16. South Pacific
  17. Moulin Rouge
  18. Tommy
  19. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  20. Les Miserables

Ok there’s loads I missed off. Then I think some are theatre shows rather than musicals. Also, are some just films with singing in them? Plus, a la Les Miserables – they sing the whole thing. There’s hardly any talking involved! Argghhh it’s a minefield making bloody lists ;).

SF out


I’ve been a Depeche Mode fan since ….. well …. since they started out really. Let’s just say it’s over 30 years ;). A friend recently lent me their biography by Jonathan Miller – stripped:depeche mode – and I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve yet to read a chapter that doesn’t mentions synths but then what would you expect from the best electronic band in the world .. ever! Scratch that … they are the best BAND in the world … EVER … FACT.

The book brings back some great memories too. I remember driving my Escort 1100L up the A127 like a woman possessed trying to keep up with my pal and her boyfriend in their Capri Mk2. We were heading for  Crocs in Rayleigh to see DM for the first of many DM nights out in Rayleigh and Southend. I fancied the pants off Dave Gahan, still do. He is yet to remove them for me. My friend Penni was really into Martin Gore.

I’m waiting patiently for the next UK DM tour ….. it will come. In the meantime, I enjoy watching their videos on YouTube. Here’s one of my favourite Depeche Mode tracks. Enjoy …

Live version:

Never ………

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Never .....

Never .....

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be involved with music in some way – not playing it – I was already forced to have clarinet lessons, played a drum (and sometimes filled in for the odd majorette) in a marching band and was in the orchestra at school playing said clarinet (bleugh).

I decided that although I enjoyed playing an instrument, I much preferred listening to music, buying records, reading NME and listening to my family’s strange music collection. Then I had my lightbulb moment and realised I would become an amazing music reporter – keeping my friends and family up-to-date with all the latest music news.

To help with my career aspirations to be a music reporter, mum and dad bought me a top of the range portable cassette recorder for my 12th birthday (1975).

Groovy Cassette Recorder

Groovy Cassette Recorder

I could record interviews, music and personal thoughts on it. It had a microphone, stylish (eek) carry case and a strap for mobile reporting. I’d also bought a extra pack of blank cassette tapes from Woolworths in case I had loads of interviews ;).

I ‘d probably get invited onto Top Of The Pops, maybe even The Old Grey Whistle Test to demonstrate my reporting skills and be their new young and groovy roving reporter.

I ‘d already honed my recording skills using the Top 40 on Radio 1 on a Sunday for the music. I’d interviewed a number of members of my family, trying to get them to pretend to be music stars. Interviewing my dad turned out to be a challenge, particularly when he was sitting in ‘his’ chair watching Match of the Day, Grandstand or Pot Black.  To get rid of me he’d light a Players (non-tipped of course) and the smog would envelop me, at which point I’d make a quick exit. I hated cigarette smoke then. It was a short time later that I became an avid smoker, preferring the more classy and rather sexy Consulate Menthol as a young teen living in happening Essex.

I soon had the simultaneous pressing of the play-record button down to a fine art. I was getting the hang of the pause button and when to switch on the ‘mike’ as us music reporters referred to it.  I was ready for my first real music interview.

Now all I needed was to interview someone in the music industry. Who did I know? Were there any music stars living in Elm Park? Did we have any famous pop stars in our family? Well … in a nutshell .. no.

Monday morning and back at school I told pals of my adventures with my new cassette recorder and it’s portability! I could tell they were impressed. Jane Hall, a girl in my class who seemed to believe she was better than the rest of us, informed us she had actual pop stars in her house – right now.

‘Yeah, who’s that then?’ I smirked

‘Oh’ she said, pretending to casually study her names ‘you probably don’t know them, they are called The Bay City Rollers’.

O …. M …. G  (of course no-one said in 1975 but I can’t remember what we did say). Didn’t know them! I had just that weekend bought Bye Bye Baby. Holy Tartan Trousers Batman!

Bay City Rollers

Bay City Rollers

Jane told us that Les McKeown was her cousin and he and Derek Longmuir were staying with her mum and dad. Furthermore she could arrange for us to meet them in Harrow Lodge Park on Saturday. My tiny mind did not wonder at the time why they would come to Elm Park and what’s more why they would go the local park.

We were beside ourselves with excitement. That night after school I made sure my tartan wrist scarves and trousers were clean and did a test OB (outside broadcast) in the garden with my friend Karen.  We were ready.

The weekend could not come quick enough. A fairly uneventful week ensued apart from a rather harrowing incident in double cookery involving some roll mops, but that’s for another time.

My BCR (Bay City Rollers of course) kit was freshly washed and pressed thanks to mum. I had decided on my white trousers with the tartan sides, rather than my denim ones. I had my tartan socks on, my black doc martens and tartan scarves at the wrists. I decided to wear my cheesecloth shirt and my brand new leather bomber jacket. I looked AWESOME (another word that didn’t exist then).

Saturday morning and we all bundled off to Harrow Lodge Park to meet Les and Derek (and Jane unfortunately) at the allotted time by the swings, conveniently located near the sewage pipe (yes really).  We waited … and waited … and waited …..

Harrow Lodge Park

Harrow Lodge Park

Did they turn up?  Did they bollocks! Rotten moo made the whole thing up and I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Oh well, back to recording myself singing along to Top of the Pops and the Top 40 until my big break.

Note: Some names have been changed, but not mine or the locations or the Bay City Rollers. Ok, so in fact only two names have been changed.

Oh and just in case you’ve never heard of The Bay City Rollers: